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8 Tips for Increasing your Running Speed

From running on the beach to drinking MADO after a set of exhausting hill reps, these 8 tips will help you finally break through that notorious mid-training mile-time plateau.

Hill Train

Hills can have incredible effects on race speed when properly used in your training plan, despite often being regarded as the enemy when it comes to beating your personal records.

By running hill reps at high intensity, you build leg strength, improve your endurance, and sharpen up your form.  Collectively, these will help you reach the finish line in record time.

Incorporate Group Runs

Group runs are a great way to ensure you’re pushing yourself to full capacity. Have you ever gotten your best time ever on race day, thanks to the adrenaline rush of the crowd? Maybe you’ve run your fastest mile while trying not to lose sight of your long-legged running partner, or crushed a PR while trying to prove yourself to a group; By making group runs part of your running routine, you can guarantee you’re leaving it all out on the road.

Not every run has to be your fastest, and trying to keep up with a faster paced group too frequently can result in injury, but this powerful mental training tactic can yield great results when used in moderation. That little voice telling you it’s time for a break becomes dull amidst a chorus of footsteps.

Don’t Ignore Mental Endurance

Speaking of that little voice in your head: when it comes to running faster, mental endurance is equally as critical as physical endurance. It’s not unusual to hit mental barriers before we hit physical ones. When that happens, we’re directly barred from achieving the physical progress we’re striving for.