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How to Create a Personalized Wellness Routine

At MADO, we live for a healthy and active lifestyle. Whether it be going for a quick walk outside, leg day at the gym or a mid-afternoon pick-me up, we’ve listed out 4 tips on how to get you energized to take on the day and ultimately yourself.

  1. Plan Your Week 

Planning out your week ahead of time is a great way to see how busy you are. This way you can see where you have some flexibility to take some time for yourself.

  1. Create a List of Activities that You’ve Been Wanting to Do

Have you been dying to go to a new coffee shop or wanting to take a new fitness class? Write those activities down so you can schedule them into your calendar so you have something to look forward to when you have time! This is one way to activate a healthy mindset to get you moving!

  1. Do a weekly check-in

Check in with yourself to notice your mood and stress level. It is important to create a routine that is made for your specific mood that relaxes you and helps you maintain a positive mindset.

  1. Make sure you routine is for you only

Sometimes it can be helpful to include others in your plans to relax but make sure your plan/routine is made to specifically tackle your wellness goals. Put yourself first in your activities and routines. This will only be beneficial if you make your needs a priority!

We hope this list of tips will help you reach all your goals and a peace of mind when creating your wellness routine!